Posted on August 20, 2020 by Beach Cities

Beach Cities Volleyball (BCVC) is a competitive volleyball organization, placing alum in college volleyball careers, providing skills that allow its 14 & Under players to move on to high school …

Beach Cities Volleyball (BCVC) is a competitive volleyball organization, placing alum in college volleyball careers, providing skills that allow its 14 & Under players to move on to high school careers, and competing among the best teams in Southern California and the country. Alternatively, it is known by many as the “Beach Cities Volleyball Family,” providing volleyball consistently over the years in an encouraging, constructive environment.

Placing an emphasis on volleyball skill development, character development and having fun, rather than a “win at all costs” environment, has allowed the Beach Cities Family to compete in a positive, “thumbs up” environment since 2000. Beach Cities Volleyball (BCVC) has averaged 25-30 teams per season for the last decade.

BCVC’s stability is inherent in its coaching staff, which includes 10 coaches with 12+ years, 5 with 15+ years, and 3 with over 20 years with the club. Its coaching staff includes four current and former college coaches and 16 high school coaches.

Beach Cities Volleyball caters to all ages and skill levels, from Beginners to Intermediate to Advanced players. Our Beginning players become Intermediate players, our Intermediate players become Advanced players, and our Advanced teams compete among the best teams in the nation.

Since 2009, The Beach Cities Volleyball (BCVC) Junior Spikers program has introduced volleyball to beginning girls and boys from ages 6 to 13 in a training program that emphasizes fun as well as building volleyball skills. It is estimated that approximately 12% of those who began their volleyball careers in our Starter program continue at BCVC and are ultimately able to play at the college level. Jr Spikers programs are available virtually every day of the week. In the April-June 2021 session, we are operating three weekly programs serving 52 aspiring players.

The Beach Cities Volleyball Club program includes teams at all levels, beginning, intermediate and advanced teams. In this past season, 2021, eight BCVC teams finished in the fabled Gold Division of Southern California: 12 Smack #2 overall in Southern California (‘SCVA’). 18 Smack ranked #1 in SCVA in January, was #3 overall in last tournament played, took 3rd in Northern California Qualifier. 4 Teams ranked in Top 10 SCVA. 3 teams qualified for the inaugural PVL Power League. In the year-end Volleyball Festival Nationals, the Beach Cities Volleyball’s 12 Smack finished 3rd, the 15 Smack finished 5th, and the 16 Gold finished 3rd, all very high in the Championship Division among some of the best teams in the nation.

The Beach Cities Volleyball college programs allow our players to go on to college volleyball careers through campaigns throughout the nation; over the years hundreds of former Beach Cities players have had or are enjoying successful college careers.

It would be wonderful if every player graduated to a great college volleyball career. Equally important, though, is our desire to make sure every player graduating from Beach Cities Volleyball has the opportunity to go to college, even if they do not choose to continue to play volleyball. For that reason, we also offer FREE SAT Training, and an introduction to “College Funding Solutions” to help families overcome the financial difficulties that College presents. Since our inception, we have tried to reduce barriers to college on and off the court. These investments in our student-athletes will help us further our mission

Beach Cities Volleyball takes the safety of its families, players, and coaches very seriously. All safety protocols are strictly adhered to including daily assessments, temperature checks, indoor masking, and social distancing.

We are very proud of the stability and positive values we have provided the 23 communities north of Long Beach and south of Santa Monica since 2000. See you in the gym!