About Beach Cities Volleyball

Since its inception in 2000, Beach Cities Volleyball has been teaching young adults in Southern California how to improve their life skills through volleyball. The Mission Statement of Beach Cities Volleyball is to “Teach life skills and volleyball skills to athletes 8 to 18 years of age.” Beach Cities Volleyball works very hard to create beginning, intermediate and advanced teams at every age level. The beginning players work very hard (while having fun) to become intermediate players, the intermediate players work very hard (while having fun) to become advanced players, and the advanced teams work very hard (while having fun) to be among the best in the country. Over 200 Beach Cities Volleyball players also compete for their school teams throughout the South Bay, and young ladies and Young men who played at Beach Cities Volleyball have gone on to play for their college teams across the nation.

Beach Cities Volleyball fields very competitive teams, but does not create undue pressure on its teams by talking about a “commitment to winning”, or call its teams “elite”, although our advanced teams do compete successfully with teams bearing the name “elite”.

The priorities of BEACH CITIES VOLLEYBALL are to:
1) Teach Volleyball Skills
2) Teach character development
3) Have fun

Through these priorities, rather than focusing on a “commitment to winning” or calling their players “elite” the Beach Cities Volleyball family has created very competitive teams and players who compete among the best in the nation. Over 300 players play at Beach Cities Volleyball, and teams from Beach Cities regularly find themselves in the Finals & final four of season-ending national tournaments each year. Beach Cities Volleyball teams have in the last two seasons won the Philadelphia Jr Olympic Qualifiers, twice won the Real California Milk Classic, won the Volleyball Festival Nationals and the Silver Medal at the Junior Nationals in New Orleans. Each of these seasons many players from Beach Cities Volleyball have graduated into college volleyball careers.


Volleyball Skills

Beach Cities Volleyball works very hard to create an atmosphere wherein its players at all levels of experience can become “the best that they can be”. We take great pride in its strongest teams, all of which are made up of players who all compete for their schools, and many of these players go on to play in college. Also extremely important, however, is the pride taken in also developing its less experienced players to become strong volleyball players as well. For example, one season Beach Cities six Girl’s 14s teams last season. The players on all the strongest teams, the intermediate teams and even the less experienced intermediate teams made their school teams the following fall season. In addition to this though, of the 10 players on its least experienced 14 Girls team that season, every player made their High School teams as well! Every, single player!


Character Development

Beach Cities Volleyball also is diligent in its efforts toward character development, i.e., in teaching its players life skills as well. Our coaches are hired based on their understanding that they are to be responsible, positive role models as well as possess strong volleyball backgrounds. Part-time youth referees in the SCVA young enough to play volleyball as well have signed up to play for Beach Cities Volleyball because as referees they recognize the positive attitude the Beach Cities’ coaches show in competition. All of our coaches receive background checks and IMPACT (which stresses the relationship between positive reinforcement and youth coaching) certification as part of normal operations.

Last season one of our teams traveled to New Orleans for the Junior Nationals (also known as the Junior Olympics). During one of the early matches one of the girls on the opposition wore a uniform that was considered not legal. The player was very upset, and during the match was forced by the tournament officials to change her uniform. The Beach Cities team ultimately lost the match, fair & square, and there was some sentiment to protest the match because of the uniform problem. The coach ignored the sentiment, not wanting to have our players watch a situation wherein they could lose the match on the court, and then have the match turned into a win due to a technicality, i.e., an issue having nothing to do with what occurred on the court.  Our team beat everyone else, and went on to win the pool despite this loss, with their integrity intact.  

Have Fun

Strong effort is taken to develop an atmosphere that is “fun” while also teaching volleyball skills. In addition to the normal practices and tournaments that one expects in a Club environment, beach programming for its players each Saturday morning of the season, sponsored Intra-Club tournaments, annual College Nights, Club-Wide “Family Nights” and “Photo Night” celebrations, Rigatoni Dinner Nights, “healthy food seminars’ and days at live theater have been part of the experience.  

When its teams go out of town for National Tournaments, the Club frequently “scouts out” the terrain to make trips that create special memories. When the 12 Gold team traveled to Reno one year  for the Far West Jr Olympic qualifiers, the players stayed in the nicest resort in Reno (the Siena Spa Resort), the team & families dined at wonderful family restaurants that typify the Northern California-Northern Nevada life style (‘Bertha Miranda’s’ & the ‘Black Bear’), they were treated to a team movie night, all in all having a great time while finishing in the 12s Gold Division, the highest of any of the teams from Southern California. The team played very competitive volleyball, and had a great deal of fun at the same time. When the Beach Cities boys went to the Jr. Olympics in Salt Lake City, they went to the County Fair and toured the Mormon Temple facilities, and additionally played very competitively in the tournament. They played very competitive volleyball, and left with knowledge of the Salt Lake City corner of the world. Last year when 13 Girl’s teams competed in the Volleyball Festival Nationals in Arizona, the players & families stayed at the Ritz Carlton, were treated to Movie Nights, Cooking Demonstrations (at the Ritz), and dined at the #1 Cowboy Western restaurant that typifies the Phoenix area (complete with line dancing lessons & magic shows), the Rustler’s Rooste. They also dined at a Phoenix Mexican Food institution named Aunt Chiladas’s (where they learned to play bocce ball), CPK’s & the Cheesecake Factory, and visited Arizona State University. Each year several of our teams win trophies at the tournament and finish in the top 10 in their age division. The teams always leave the Nationals having had a great time and playing very competitive volleyball throughout the tournament.


In addition to teaching kids volleyball skills, character development, and having fun, BCVC also offers a College Program to High School Players.


Beach Cities Volleyball is a non-profit, 501(c) (3) California Corporation. Although based in Manhattan Beach, its Club membership includes families from 22 communities in the South Bay. The BEACH CITIES VOLLEYBALL membership and coaching staff crosses community, income level and ethnic lines.

The Mission Statement of Beach Cities Volleyball is to “Teach life skills and volleyball skills to athletes 8 to 18 years of age.” The Club’s priorities are to teach volleyball skills, character development and to have fun. We hope that you are now more acquainted with Beach Cities Volleyball; the families in our family invite you to join our Clinics, Club Season or Summer Indoor Volleyball Camp for a wonderful volleyball experience!

Beach Cities Volleyball — teaching kids success one pass, set and spike at a time!