College Prep

For our high school players, Beach Cities Volleyball has a very strong COLLEGE PREP program to help players prepare for the next step in their sports and education careers. The program focuses on overcoming four challenges that may make going to college difficult. What was once thought of as “challenges,” BCVC offers them as “opportunities.” Beach Cities Volleyball is very interested in having all of its players play volleyball in college, but is even more interested in having its players go to college. 

Opportunity #1Academics & College Testing:  To be interesting to colleges, our young people have to do well on SATs, ACTs, i.e. college testing. The college testing process, however, is really the result of the knowledge and ability to learn that the student has developed in grades through high school. That being the case, Initia Education instructs Beach Cities Volleyball High School Players with sessions that prepare them for college testing, and guide students to succeed and become independent learners. The program includes 12 hours of class instruction, 2 timed tests and results. The only cost to the students is a $80 material fee.

Opportunity #2Finances: The cost of the investment in college is considerable. Beach Cities offers training in filling out the FASFA form, to maximize federal awards, and connects families with College Funding Solutions, a company who can assist middle class families in finding grants, scholarships, work study programs that can offset the cost of college.

Opportunity #3Videos: Ultimately, the job of marketing the players for college falls on the players themselves. One of the tools is skills & performance videos that the players send to coaches across the country as part of this marketing.  This video can be very expensive, but it is produced through Beach Cities Volleyball free of cost.

Opportunity #4The job of finding the colleges that would be a good match for you, and matching your volleyball skills with needs of the college coach can be a challenge. Through its College Prep Director,  Beach Cities meets with the players & families & guides them through this process.


BCVC’s College Prep also offers the following for all of our High School Age Athletes:

1) Player Profile

2) Recruiting Video

3) SAT Training

4) College Funding Guidance


For more information on our College Program or recruiting guidance, please contact our
College Prep Director, Christian Cammayo at  [email protected]