College Prep

At Beach Cities Volleyball, we are very excited about the enhancements to our College Program this season.  We are streamlining our recruiting services to make it easier to create recruiting videos, market our players directly, and send emails to colleges.

We are doing four specific upgrades:

  1. Reinstating our video program with HUDL,
  2. Adding recruiting profiles directly to the Beach Cities Volleyball page
  3. Directly assisting our players by automating their emails, and
  4. Utilizing a new, exciting service that will provide our athletes up to three campaigns to college coaches across the nation.

We are excited to have HUDL again this season.  We will be linking our player’s HUDL recruiting profile on to our Sports Engine team platform.

For 2021-2022, College coaches will be able to view our athlete profiles directly on our website, as well as continue to link to already existing recruiting platforms.

Players who already have High School HUDL accounts will have them merged with their club accounts to make it easier for college coaches to catch full match footage on top of highlights.

Training sessions will be held in both August and October to help onboard our High School Players and complete their recruiting profiles.

College coaches across the nation will directly receive correspondences from our players, and we are helping facilitate this.

We are adding a program that will automate emails on our players behalf, and send correspondences to coaches across the country. The database for college coaches is updated weekly for coaching changes.   All of this will make it EASIER for our players as they pursue a spot on college rosters.

At Beach Cities Volleyball, it would be wonderful if every player graduated to a great college volleyball career. For that reason we are working hard to create an environment wherein that could occur in the steps above.

Equally important, though, is our desire to make sure every player graduating from Beach Cities Volleyball has the opportunity to go to college, even if they do not choose to continue to play volleyball. For that reason, we also offer FREE SAT Training, and an introduction to “College Funding Solutions” to help families overcome the financial difficulties that College presents.

Since our inception, we have tried to reduce barriers to college on and off the court. These investments in our student athletes will help us further our mission.

For more information on our College Program or recruiting guidance, please contact our
College Prep Director, Christian Cammayo at  [email protected]